Ten questions to ask when hiring a contractor

Trying to find a great fit for your next renovation project could be a daunting task for sure. However we’ve prepared ten questions to ask when hiring a contractor. Hopefully this could help make the process a lot easier.

Are they fast to respond?

Typically 48 hours is enough time for anyone to get back to you, if you don’t get a call back, it means the contractor is usually busy and doesn’t have time for your project.

Are they accommodating?

Keep in mind this an important relationship. Are they on time? Are they in a rush to leave? Do you get along with them? Do you agree with their opinions? You want to know that your contractor is going to put what it takes into your job. These details can be valuable forecasters of how they will perform.

How big is your company?

You typically would ask this simply because you want to know who will be on the jobsite. If the owner or project manager can’t be there, who will be? Will there be another person available?

Are you licensed?

This is pretty important since contractors should be licensed to perform any electrical or plumbing work.

Are you insured?

Along with Workers’ Compensation to protect any laborer injured while working on your home, make sure your contractor has insurance to cover any accidental damages to your property. You want to be a certificate holder on both of these policies so that if the insurance ever expires, you will be notified and can hold off on further work until it is renewed.

Will we have regular meetings?

Asking to be kept in the loop and up to date is not crazy, we like to keep our clients always in the know and well informed so we like to have regular meetings to ensure we all on the same page.

What are your terms?

Typically there is terms and conditions in every contract, all parties should agree to those terms prior to commencing any work. Don’t worry, we like to keep things simple, fair and upfront.

Are you willing to put in writing a timeline ( how long the project will take) ?

We usually include a one week grace period.

Will you offer a time frame fixing any issues or imperfections we notice?

Even the best contractors can miss things—a light-switch plate is off, a towel bar is loose. How long is it going to take them to come back and get these things up to standard?

Will you come back after the job is done?

If I’m willing to pay you, can you service the job you did? If the light burns out, will you replace it? Hiring a contractor is like finding a good doctor. You want someone who can keep your project in good health after the job is done.

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