8 Bathroom Features Homeowners Want Now

Winnowing down the options for possible bathroom features can make the task of remodeling a bit more manageable. One place to start is with bathroom elements already popular among other remodeling homeowners. And the 2022 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study offers a clear snapshot of what’s popular now. Here are eight areas that can help you strategize your selections.

1. Vanities

A vanity can make or break a bathroom. In many cases, it provides the most, if not the only, storage in the room. Plus, because a vanity is typically a large element relative to other features in a bathroom, it greatly affects the look of the space.

The study reveals many homeowner preferences when it comes to vanities. A majority of homeowners (61%) will choose a custom or semicustom vanity, and most will select soft-close drawers (82%) and soft-close doors (73%). Nearly a third of homeowners will integrate built-in electrical outlets (30%) and more than a quarter choose built-in drawer organizers (27%).

Meanwhile, while many homeowners (40%) will go with a relatively compact-width vanity (48 inches or less), more than half of homeowners (52%) will opt for a vanity that’s at least 60 inches wide.

Speaking of popular vanity features, Shaker-style cabinet fronts are chosen by half of homeowners (51%), followed by flat-panel (27%).

A large share of homeowners (61%) add bar pulls. And brushed nickel (32%) is the top finish when it comes to hardware.

2. Sinks

When it comes to upgraded sinks, undermounts dominate (70%) and have been growing in popularity for the past four years.

Meanwhile, a majority of homeowners (64%) will go with double sinks in their bathrooms, a drop from 2020 but a slight increase compared with last year.

3. Showers

A majority of homeowners (84%) update their shower during a bathroom remodel. And one way they’re doing it is with tile — lots of it. The vast majority of homeowners choose tile for the shower flooring (87%) and shower walls (91%). The most common material is ceramic or porcelain (60% for flooring, 82% for walls).

Marble is also popular, with 15% of homeowners choosing the stone for flooring and 12% for walls.

4. Bathtubs

While a quarter (24%) of homeowners choose to remove their bathtub, more homeowners (37%) upgrade their tub during a remodel.

Freestanding flat-bottom styles are by far the most popular (58%), and increasingly so. One in 4 homeowners chooses an alcove tub. Acrylic (54%) is the most common bathtub material.

5. Relaxing Feel

While most homeowners (59%) use their bathroom chiefly for its utilitarian function, some (41%) turn to their bathrooms for rest and relaxation.

There are many elements homeowners say contribute to a relaxing environment. Cleanliness (78%) tops the list, a 10-point increase this year compared with last. Other restful features include a lack of clutter (65%), soaking in the bath (58%), long showers (58%) and natural light (49%), the latter of which increased 7 points year over year.

6. Live Plants

Homeowners are increasingly adding live plants, or greenery, during their bathroom remodels (35%), a year-over-year increase of 3 points.

Homeowners add plants for various reasons, but many do so because it’s aesthetically pleasing (88%), creates a calming environment (64%) and helps with air quality (34%).

7. Lighting

Lighting greatly contributes to the style and function of a bathroom, and most homeowners (84%) will upgrade their light fixtures during a remodel. Half will update recessed lights (51%). Other popular lighting fixtures include ceiling lights (39%), sconces (36%), shower lights (34%) and wall lights (33%).

The most popular material for light fixtures is a metal-and-glass combination (66%).

8. Premium and High-Tech Features

Many homeowners choose premium bathroom features for key elements such as toilets (43%), showers (75%) and bathtubs (81%).

These include one-piece toilets (30%), rainfall shower heads (52%) and soaking tubs (71%).

Meanwhile, some homeowners are also selecting high-tech features such as toilet seats with a bidet function (24%) and faucets that are water-efficient (30%) and offer touch or touch-free activation (4%).

Let’s get started on your new bathroom renovation.

Source: https://www.houzz.com/magazine/8-bathroom-features-homeowners-want-now-stsetivw-vs~162648373

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